You’ll love the results our team provides

Would you like to add a special touch to your property? Consider our hardscaping services. We can repair chimneys, retaining and parapet walls, and stone/brick steps. Talk to us today!


Our expertise encompasses repairing and waterproofing chimneys, as well as rebuilding when necessary.

Stone and brick steps, patios, and porches

As experts in stone and brick, our team will do great repair work for you.
Brick steps and patios are exposed to more weather than other parts of a building, this causes them to get dirty and deteriorate more quickly. If you have any masonry hardscape that needs repair, we're ready to help.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls and screen walls have the same problems as steps. They are exposed to the weather and are susceptible to water penetration, which leads to deterioration.  We’re also able to repair patios and sidewalks. Contact us to learn more!

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