This NE Arkansas company understands historical restoration

Are you looking for a team that can restore or repair your brick or stone work?  Whatever your needs, we have 50+ years of experience that you can rely on. Get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate!


Over time, the mortar or cement in brick and stone work can become damaged or discolored. That’s where our tuckpointing services can help, we can remove old mortar and then replace it, making your stone and brick work look like new.
Given our expertise in historical restoration, we know how to do tuckpointing that provides an authentic look and feel. We’ve worked on chimneys, walls and even entire houses, all with excellent results!

Spot tuckpointing

If your bricks or stones have mortar or cement problems in just a few places, we may be able to perform spot tuckpointing. This means we’ll only repair the trouble spots, leaving the rest of the surface untouched.
Some people may worry that spot tuckpointing will leave obvious indications of where repair work was done. Fortunately, we offer color matching services that allow our work to blend into the existing surface.


For high-quality repairs, depend on our team. We’ve handled brick walls, chimneys and new construction repairs.
We can also install brick walls and other brick work as needed. Contact us today to talk about your project!

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